According the United Nations; only 9% of the nine billion tonnes of plastic the world has ever produced has been recycled. Worldwide, governments are called upon to finance more research and development of alternative materials, raise awareness among consumers and fund innovation. In the coming years, governments will support the uptake of eco-friendly alternatives and provide incentives to the industry of sustainable packaging producers. If you want to be ahead of these developments and already take responsibility, you can develop sustainable packaging concepts together with BioPack Packaging.

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We use a disruptive technology for producing three-dimensional molded shapes from most cellulose fibers, both virgin and recycled. The process is such that the product can be made to behave in many respects like plastic while being sustainable like paper. BioPack specializes in custom-made packaging to suit the demands of the market and customer’s needs. Together with our clients, producers and distributors, we develop packaging concepts. We work together on the requirements of production and packaging lines, marketing styles and logistics in order to create a high performing packaging product, appealing to our customer’s clients and end consumers.

In Netherlands, Groningen we develop tailor-made products based on customers specific specification.

BioPack make use of NCC pulp (New Corrugated Carton), from traceable sources or BCTMP (Virgin pulp) in case the packaging content requires the “Food contact material certification”.

We currently develop a sustainable transport tray suitable for the Horti-industry.